Monitoring and Evaluation of the Action Plan

The monitoring and evaluation mechanism of the 2020-2022 NAP is slightly different from the previous periods. During the implementation of previous NAPs, only Ministries/Agencies reported the co-creation activities by quarterly into the Monitoring and Evaluation System of the Presidential Staff Office (Sistem Monitoring dan Evaluasi Kantor Staf Presiden - SISMONEV KSP). However, the progress of implementation cannot be accessed by the public, so it does not meet the aspect of transparency. Therefore, in the 2020-2022 period, a summary of the activity progress in the SISMONEV KSP will also be presented on the Open Government Indonesia website which is open and available to the public.

The reporting period for the activity progress of each Ministry/Agency that was originally carried out every quarter is changed to every semester. The new reporting period will require related ministries and agencies to report every once in six months and four reports in two years. This change is intended to let Ministries/Agencies and CSOS to focus on implementing the NAP and produce more leveraged outputs.

Additionally, CSOs will report their co-creation activities with Ministries/Agencies into the monitoring and evaluation system available on the OGI website. With the reports from Ministries/Agencies and Civil Society Organizations, the public can see in detail the co-creation schemes carried out during the implementation of the 2020-2022 OGI NAP. In this way, we will be able to see how civil society participated in the government activities.