The Open Government Indonesia Secretariat was formed to facilitate the achievement of the Open Government Indonesia NAP and to coordinate with stakeholders in consolidating other open government movements, both at national and regional levels.

Board of Directors

Bogat Widyatmoko
Deputy Minister for Political Affairs, Law, Defense, and Security Ministry of National Development Planning/National Development Planning Agency
Tri Tharyat
Director General for Multilateral Cooperation Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Prof. Dr. Rumadi Ahmad
Deputy for Politics, Law, Defense, Security, and Human Rights Affairs Presidential Staff Office
Abetnego Tarigan
Deputy for Social, Cultural, and Strategic Ecological Affairs Presidential Staff Office
Dr. Diah Natalisa
Deputy for Public Service Affairs Ministry of State Apparatus Empowermrent and Bureaucratic Reform
Usman Kansong
Director General for Information and Public Communication Ministry of Communications and Informatics
Donny Yoesgiantoro
Chief of Commissioner Information Commission
Ir. Restuardy Daud
Directorate General for Regional Development Ministry of Home Affairs
Iwan Misthohizzaman
Executive Director of INFID


Maharani Putri S.W.

Open Government Partnership

Point of Contact for Indonesia

Theodorus Agustinus H

Public Policy Expert

Andrieta Rafaela A

Public Policy Expert

Kiki Mulyawati

Web Developer Expert

Rabbaniya Aulia F

Tenaga Pendukung Administrasi